Protecting your Natural Stone in the Northeast USA

TuffSkin does what traditional stone sealers have never been able to achieve. Our high-tech stone TuffSkin protection guarantees and warranties: NO etching; NO staining of natural stone… ever!

With over 36 years of experience in stone care in the Northeast, NE TuffSkin solves challenges daily for the design, hospitality, commercial and residential Real Estate industries and homeowners.

Existing stone owners: You can have your stone refinished and made to look pristine prior to our TuffSkin protection.

For new stone owners: Our operations team will schedule your TuffSkin protection immediately upon your stone installation.

Prevent Etching & Staining on Your Natural Stone

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    Discover Our Difference

    TuffSkin is a proprietary formula made from high-tech polyester that is gas permeable, allowing the stone to breathe and stay healthy. As a stone laminate, it is simultaneously liquid impermeable. Made in the USA under the strictest Quality Control standards and fare wages, our proprietary hard-coat technology resists scratching and a lifetime of enjoyment. Best of all, unlike TuffSkin imposters, our adhesive formula is specifically designed NOT to damage marble surfaces and can be removed at any time.


    Prevent Etching, Staining, Discoloration, Burning, Bubbling, Peeling

    TuffSkin has the most comprehensive performance warranty that gives you the peace of mind to USE and ENJOY your natural stone. People will admire your stone’s “brand new” look. They will touch it and feel the “coolness” of your stunning stone. They will marvel at how calm you are, fearless of the former challenges of stone owners.



    Stone is porous. The pores can easily absorb particles that expose your ingredients, food and drink to harmful bacteria. TuffSkin closes off your stone’s surfaces from the pores and renders them Antibacterial. Simply clean your TuffSkin surface with any mild cleaner and a soft-cloth or sponge. You and your stone are protected and healthy.


    Heat Resistant

    TuffSkin can protect your counters and backsplashes from boiling oil and Grandma’s sauce. Boiling pot on the fire? Be careful the handles are hot!!! …DON’T WORRY- you can put it directly on your TuffSkin and it will not damage it. Please note: We strongly recommend using a potholder but that’s common sense for you. TuffSkin is rated for heat up to 400 degrees. And yes, heat is fully covered by our warranty.


    Chemical & Odor Free

    TuffSkin is rated FOOD SAFE by the USFDA. TuffSkin maintains the highest safety procedures during installation. Most TuffSkin is installed daily in active commercial and residential settings. There are no harmful odors, dangerous UV lights, or caustic chemicals utilized in our process.


    Removable & Replaceable

    TuffSkin is not only a worthwhile investment while it’s working, 24/7/365, protecting your stone. TuffSkin outperforms every other product in the market when removed or replaced. You’ve invested a great deal in your precious stone. Do not skimp on inferior products or systems that will damage your stone when those sealers are removed.

    How It Works

    The Extended Warranty for your Stone

    Our certified, factory trained uniformed, insured, bonded technicians protect your environment with face, hand and feet coverings. Our Matte, Satin and Gloss proprietary TuffSkin coatings enhance the look, feel and life of your stone slabs. We protect Commercial and Residential Kitchens, Service Areas, Bars, Bathroom Vanities, Tub Decks, Shower seats. Stone top furniture manufacturers and consumers turn to us daily to protect and preserve their valuable pieces.

    TuffSkin Products Are Warrantied for 10 Years

    Our Services

    Protecting your stone with TuffSkin means you never have stone maintenance costs again!

    Our leadership team has combined experience of over 70 years in the stone industry. Our team of experts are fully trained in stone repair, refinishing and TuffSkin installation so your experience is fully streamlined. Our turn-key system minimizes your down-time. You will be hard pressed to find a tell-tale sign that we were in your space. Your stone will be stunning and you will never experience the anxiety of owning stone- only the pleasure.


    Protect your space, no matter how big or small. TuffSkin is the solution for making impractical stone practical.

    Restaurant & Bar

    Natural stone slabs are easily susceptible to etching once tables and bars are put in service. Guarantee protection from etching and staining with TuffSkin.


    Protect every stone and marble surface of your property from the boardroom to the bathroom.


    Your dream design is within reach. When protected by TuffSkin, your kitchen is ready for wine tasting parties, cooking, and baking. Have your cake and eat it too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why TuffSkin?

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      Calcium Based Stones like Marble, Onyx, Travertines, and many quartzites etch and stain very easily, sometimes faster than it can be wiped away! No liquid sealer can prevent this issue. TuffSkin provides complete etch and stain protection.

    • What is TuffSkin?

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      TS is a high-tech proprietary stone laminate similar to a cell phone screen protector only on a larger scale. It is not a liquid at all. It is 4 mil polyester membrane manufactured in roll form, here in the USA under the strictest Quality Control standards.

    • Will TS protect my counters from etching?

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      Yes, stone protected with TuffSkin will never etch. You will thoroughly enjoy your natural stone looking brand new at all times.

    • Will my countertops scratch?

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      TS protects against your stone scratching, chipping and stun marks. Although the TS laminate could be damaged, your stone will not. We do recommend the use of cutting boards, placemats & pot holders, just as you would with your natural stone. Should your tops become scratched TS is easily removed and replaced.

    • What about household Products and Chemicals?

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      TS is very chemical resistant. There are no chemicals that can harm our coating.

    • Will TS protect my counters from direct heat?

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      Yes, TS can take the heat and stay in the kitchen. In the bathroom, blow dryers and curling irons do not affect TS. It can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Can I install TS outdoors?

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      Yes, TS it will not turn yellow and has a UV inhibitor built in to the hard coat. In full sun, it should last approximately 2 years. With a patio cover expect it to last longer.

    • How long will my TS last?

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      Depending on use, for instance, our hospitality/food and beverage customers see about 5-10 years before needing replacement. Residential customers normally enjoy their TS for approximately 10+ years. This will truly all depend on how heavy traffic the area is and how perfect you would like the area to appear.

    • How do I clean my TS?

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      We recommend using any non-abrasive glass or stone cleaner. We also recommend microfiber towels to buff to a perfect finish.

    • Does a TS installation create smells or VOC’s?

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      A TS installation is environmentally safe and creates no odors. You can safely be in your premises during installation.

    • How quickly can I use my counters after an installation?

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      Maximum bond time is 72 hours, but most countertops can be used within 48 hours after an install.

    • How much time does it take to install TS?

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      An average kitchen takes about 4-6 hours. Hotel projects can be completed at 10-25 rooms per day.

    • What finishes are available for TS?

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      Satin, Gloss, or Matte are the three finishes available. Satin is used for a high-honed finish, Gloss is used for a polished finish, and Matte is used for a totally flat finish.

    • How much does does it cost?

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      TuffSkin is quoted per job including product, installation, and warranty. Prices depend on sizes, quantities, waste factor and service areas. We will be happy to quote any project. TuffSkin is always a great value keeping stone tops looking great.

    • Does TuffSkin wrap around the edge of the stone?

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      No, TuffSkin only protects the flat top surface only. We do not see stone damage on edges and gravity helps protect the edges.

    • Does TuffSkin peel?

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      TuffSkin never peels on its own. TuffSkin can be peeled back with some effort by humans. We have seen this in bars, especially gaming bars. These types of installations require regular review by staff. We see no issues in home or hotel room installations. TuffSkin is a better way to maintain these surfaces.

    • What will my countertops look like with TS installed?

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      Clients most often report that their stone looks remarkably the same with TuffSkin on it. Satin enhances a honed finish, Gloss enhances a polished finish, and Matte leaves a flat finished stone looking perfectly flat.

    • How do I clean my TuffSkin?

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      You may use any general cleaner or glass cleaner to clean the surface. Final buffing can be done with a dry microfiber towel.

    Prevent Etching & Staining on Your Natural Stone

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