TUFFSKIN™ is the first, patent pending, neoprene heavy bag cover with a human image on it used for target training.

TUFFSKIN™ is used for all forms of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing and Cardio. It's great for all skill levels from beginners to Pro's.

TUFFSKIN™ protects the life of your heavy bag and gloves from abuse. A must have product for gyms and heavy bag owners.

TUFFSKIN™ is lightweight and transportable. It can be installed and taken down in seconds, can be adjusted for all heights and fits most heavy bags.

TUFFSKIN™ helps you focus your strikes and get a better workout in less time. It's the ultimate training tool.

What are the benefits of TUFFSKIN?

TUFFSKIN™ is like having a personal sparring partner. You learn key elements on where to focus strikes and how to work the bag properly by moving with it.

TUFFSKIN™ develops accuracy, speed and hand eye coordination. Helps you focus on the center of the bag and key areas to help reduce injury.

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